Friday, September 14, 2012


Update: I am almost 10 now!

My name is Lian and I am about to turn nine years old. Last Christmas I realized why Santa Claus is always so jolly. It is because he is always giving to people. My mom and I have a tradition on Christmas Eve. We give out cards to random strangers, wishing them a happy holiday. I love how I feel when they smile at me. We have done this since I was four years old and it is my favorite part of the holiday. 

Christmas is a really really long time away from now so I thought of another way I could make people smile. Hidden all over Riverside County, CA, are letters like the one you just read. I hope that people will read them and smile. I hope they come visit me here and tell me about it, but I know that most probably won't.  That's okay, because if one person says hello back then it will make my whole year. 

    Could you please tell me your first name and where you found my letter? It will be so terrific to hear about where my letters end up. Wouldn't it be exciting if they were passed around outside my city or even my state?

 Even if you don't leave a comment, could you please pass the note, or the link to this page, on to someone who could use a smile? Thank you!

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